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SpaceTime (2015)

SpaceTime was a commission of the Peabody Essex Museum to be presented at their Annual Gala. I was interested in creating a sculptural installation with performance that fed off the architecture of the site and kind of extended it into the space itself.


The museum's atrium was a beautiful and expansive open space with galleries that gave view into the atrium and a structure of sail-like elements under the glass roof. The sculptural installation I came up with consisted of three double-lines of white fabric spanning through the space forming fan-like elements. During the performance, depending on where the performers in the fabric were located at various times the viewer would have a dramatically different experience of the space. As the performance concluded, the slowly moving performers came together to complete the sculptural installation by forming an enormous zigzag line through the entire space of the atrium. 

SpaceTime is a tribute to Einstein’s ground-breaking theory of special relativity, and the space-time continuum, which describes a 4-dimensional space consisting of three space and one time dimensions. Moving fast enough through space, the observations one will make about space and time differ somewhat from the observations of other people, who are moving at different speeds.